Here are some questions that have been asked recently, with the responses from the school. Please let us know if you have other questions.

Q: Are all catchment pupils getting a place in S1?
A: The Council has confirmed that all P7 pupils who are in catchment (including both mainstream and Gaelic Medium Education) will get a place in August 2016.

Q: Is the rebuild running to schedule?
A: Our understanding is that works are running on schedule, and we have now moved into the new Malala building in April 2015. Phase 2 has now started on the other half of the site. Please see school website for details of school closures during the move.

Q: I hear that the S4 work experience week will no longer take place. Is this true?
A: Previously, all of S4 went out for work experience during 2 separate weeks in November, half the year at a time. The school has advised that this did not work well as it caused heavy demand for places with local employers, and meant that there were 2 weeks when teachers could not really do much with half the year missing.  S4s will now be able to do their work experience at any time of their choosing, including during school holidays, and it will be optional. This should reduce the pressure on work placements, and will mean that classes do not lose 2 weeks of curriculum time.

Q: Due to being at Darroch, my child now has a journey from home of over 3 miles. Does this entitle them to a bus pass?
A: This may be an option. Please contact the head teacher with details of your circumstances.

Q: Are there plans to introduce an school uniform?
A: A consultation was carried out over the summer of 2015, involving staff, pupils and parents of S1-6 as well as P5-7 of the cluster primaries. Based on the views gathered, it was decided in October 2015 to retain the status quo, i.e. no uniform. It is not expected that this issue will be revisited for at least 8-10 years.

 Q: Why are the new toilets unisex?
A: There are views that this is good practice, and the school is monitoring the situation, to ensure that all pupils are appropriately catered for. If you have any concerns, please raise these with the school or the Parent Council.

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