Welcome to James Gillespie's High School Parent Council website

The Parent Council exists to represent all parents and carers. This includes:

  • putting forward parents' views on issues;
  • consulting and providing feedback to the school;
  • providing refreshments at school events;
  • fundraising for school projects, equipment, books and trips;
  • Co-ordinating with other Parent Councils;
  • making representations to the City Council.

Parent Council meetings are a unique source of information specifically for parents.  Come along and just listen or join in the debate. All parents and carers are welcome at Parent Council meetings.

Next Parent Council meeting:

Tues 6th Dec 2016 at 7 pm, Library (Malala building)

Christmas mince pies and drinks from 6:45pm

Agenda Items

1.       Welcome, introductions, apologies & minutes of last meeting (25th Oct 2016)
1.1.    Questions from the previous meeting minutes. (JGHS PC AGM minutes 25 Oct 2016)
1.2.    Actions carried forward.
2.     Mathematics update by Ben Lewis (Curriculum Leader)

2.1.   Curriculum Introduction
2.2.   2016 Exam Results
2.3.   Department Improvement Plan
2.4.   Sharing communications best practice

3.       Chair update (Ailsa Macintosh)
3.1.    South East Locality meeting update.
3.2.    Empowering teachers, parents and communities to achieve excellence and equity in education: A Governance Review (https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/empowering-schools/a-governance-review).
4.       Communications update (Graeme Davis)
4.1.    Proposal to establish a communications subgroup to review how the PC interacts with Parents and gather parental feedback. 
4.2.    Invite to parents with skills in marketing, communications or social media to participate in the communication subgroup.
4.3.    Proposal to purchase pop-up banners for use at School events
5.       Events update (Karen Finlayson)
5.1.    Wine Tasting report.
5.2.    Pub quiz (Feb 2017) ticketing – proposal to trial electronic ticketing/payments
6.       Fundraising update (Elke Versmessen)
6.1.    Why do we fundraise?
6.2.    Christmas Concert fundraising.
6.3.    New book fundraising initiative using Amazon Wish Lists (Stuart Boutell)
7.       Head teacher’s report (Donald Macdonald)

8.       A.O.C.B. - If you would like to raise any items, please contact us by email, or just come along.

9.       Date of next PC meeting (24th Jan 2017 @ 7pm)


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